Classic massage

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Classic massage is a way to maintain vitality, improve the quality of treatment, and prevent various diseases. Properly performed medical body massage helps to alleviate different types of pain, reduce swelling, normalize work capacity, accelerate blood circulation, eliminate cosmetic imperfections, promote recovery processes in the body, enhance overall vitality, and soothe the nervous system.

Что такое классический массаж и основные технические методы его исполнения

Mentions of massage can be traced back to ancient Egyptian papyri. Ancient Greeks and Romans began using it as a means of treating diseases, often combining it with bathing, hygiene, and cosmetic procedures. At present, classic massage is widely utilized in therapy and has numerous applications.

The massage procedure involves physical contact and manipulation of the legs, arms, face, back, chest, and other areas of the body. Methods of performing the procedure include:

  • Stroking: The preparatory stage, intended to warm up and prepare body areas for deeper manipulation. It involves the masseur’s palms moving freely over the skin surface with slight pressure.

  • Kneading: The main stage where tissues are stretched and shifted, exerting significant force to affect deeper subcutaneous layers.

  • Rubbing: The most prolonged stage where the specialist’s hands grasp and apply varying force and pace to deeply seated tissues.

  • Percussion and Vibration: The final stage involving rhythmic tapping, pounding, shaking, which relax muscles and internal organs.

Various techniques can alternate, be combined, and performed according to a specific scheme, with varying degrees of intensity and force. The methodology of execution is constantly evolving, incorporating new scientific advancements and medical research.

Medical body massage serves as a preventive measure, promotes wellness, and preserves work capacity.

Classic massage improves the functioning of all organs, alleviates nervous tension, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and restores the patient to a full life. Classic medical massage:

  • It promotes the activation of metabolic processes;
  • Improves the condition of the skin, making muscles more elastic;
  • Helps alleviate pain and inflammation in joint and spinal diseases;
  • Restores the function of some internal organs;
  • Treats nervous disorders;
  • Normalizes disorders of the digestive and respiratory systems.

Additional effects of using classic medical massage include:

There are several types of classic massage: therapeutic, cosmetic, and sports.

Its effectiveness lies not only in the treatment and prevention of diseases, but the procedure:

  • It is widely used as a passive form of gymnastics;
  • Promotes faster and more complete recovery after injuries;
  • Without surgical or medicinal intervention, it quickly restores youthfulness and slimness to the body, firms it up, making it elastic and beautiful, and slows down the aging process.