Erotic massage is like a wonderful conversation with your body.

Эротический массаж - общение с телом

The masseuses from Red Light salon will gladly guide you through the desires of your body. After all, the human body has numerous sensual zones, massaging which can achieve not only a healing effect on the entire body but also uncover your hidden sensual potential. We know how to turn erotic massage in Kiev into a wonderful conversation.

So, your shins and calves. Oh, they may not be made of iron, yet we subject them to rigorous trials all day long. By the end of the workweek, they’re already crying out for a therapeutic, relaxing erotic massage. The masseuses from our salon will respond to their pleas. Since shins and calves are demanding when it comes to touch, we’ll massage your legs very gently and carefully, avoiding pressure on the back of the knees.

Yours legs and feet. The erotic massage of your legs and feet will start with playful tickling of your toes. Caressing them, we’ll gradually move higher and higher. The thigh muscle receives significant tension every day. Massage not only has a therapeutic effect on its condition but also provokes something more – the inner side of the thighs is very sensitive to gentle caresses. We’ll uncover new facets of your sensuality!

Your buttocks. Well, how much longer can you sit in front of a computer monitor or behind the wheel of a car? Do you know that women pay the most attention to your buttocks? Let them be firm and strong. With active circular movements and frequent slaps, we’ll restore disrupted blood circulation. And by adding a bit of aggressiveness and playfulness, we’ll turn your tired evening into a night carousel of emotions.

Your back. The back is the support for the entire body and the perfect arena for the erotic battle of the masseuses from Red Light salon. Just millimeters away from the spine are particularly sensitive areas of the body, eagerly awaiting our vigorous touches. We’ll knead, rub, stroke, and bring it to vibration. And, of course, we’ll relax your tense shoulders.

Your neck. Who else but us knows how sensitive your neck is? With what enthusiasm we’ll awaken your most intimate dreams. And we’ll fill the relaxing massage with an erotic play: alongside gentle touches, we’ll add intrigue with feathers and warm breath.

Your face and head. The masseuses from Red Light salon will take a comfortable position for the massage: we’ll hug your shoulders with our legs. Carefully, with smooth circular movements, we’ll massage your scalp, playing with your hair. By relieving tension from your scalp, we’ll relax your entire body.

Your belly. This part of the body houses important organs that are practically unprotected. We’ll start massaging carefully yet intensively in clockwise motions from the navel to the diaphragm. But we also remember how sensitive the lower abdomen area can be… We’ll unapologetically incorporate this into our erotic massage technique.

Your chest. We understand that the chest is very responsive to touch – we’ll be extremely gentle. With gliding movements, we’ll massage your powerful chest along the ribs from shoulders to abdomen, initially avoiding the pigmented area around the nipples. But then… we’ll set the mood for playful delight…

Your arms and hands. The beauties from Red Light salon won’t forget about your hands and wrists – they’ll gratefully respond to our touches. We’ll apply pressure to your arms along their entire length, slowly approaching the neck. And we’ll finish with vigorous kneading and gentle stroking.

We love our work and will teach you to feel your body.