For adults, a note about erotic massage

Сексуальные игрешки в эротическом массаже

The beauties of the Red Light salon conducted a little research into what toys adults love to play with during an erotic massage. To bring at least a little variety into your sex life, we offer you an amazing shopping experience in a sex store. The range of shops for love games and erotic massage in Kyiv is striking in its richness and variety.

Experts consider all kinds of attachments on the base of the penis (to prolong sexual intercourse) to be the best sellers; cock rings (this additionally stimulates the partner); penis enlargement device; erotic underwear; costumes for role-playing games; funny sexy souvenirs or edible erotic clothing; perfumes with pheromones that awaken sexual desire; prolonging cream, which allows you to increase sexual intercourse up to 1.5 hours; handcuffs and other things that restrict female activity, making the man the master of the situation; special butterflies for clitoral stimulation.

We are confident that the products of the sex store can solve many sexual issues during erotic massage. Firstly, shopping together warms up the cooled desire. Secondly, a keen interest in sex toys attracts the attention of the other half (whether men or women). Various devices that have undergone medical control prevent premature ejaculation, help cope with a woman’s frigidity, and also achieve vaginal orgasm.

Naturally, the store of sexual devices broadens one’s horizons in the field of love games, helps one to liberate themselves and get rid of the “small penis” complex, and the incredible variety of sex toys brings to life the wildest erotic fantasies.

And the beauties of the Red Light salon want to whisper a few words in the ears of all men: there is a traditional sex kit for women. For oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex, a woman can have a rubber dam hidden, a small square piece of latex that creates a protective barrier. And also latex gloves for stimulation of the anal area. A blindfold made of soft satin material makes love play more playful during an erotic massage. Reading erotic literature together or watching exciting films together liberates her desire. Stockings, scarves, and lacy underwear not only excite, but they are also little joys for a woman. In this set there is also a place for napkins or soft cloth for the remaining living liquid. And in the refrigerator there are “erotic sweets” waiting for you: yogurt, cream, honey, jelly. They perfectly complement sexual play and improve your mood.