Reasons to visit an erotic massage in the Shevchenko district of Kiev

Erotic massage – this is the usual massage techniques, combined with erotic elements, including the naked body of a masseuse and close contact of the bodies. There is no intimacy. It is put unnecessary, because the abilities of girls allow you to get an orgasm without it.

Sessions are held at the client’s home or in private rooms of the salon

Despite the opportunity to conduct sessions at home, many customers still prefer to visit the salon. This is due to a decrease in the risk of gossip and a married position. Wives do not need to know where the husband goes after work, because there is no betrayal. Erotic massage is created for a good pastime without risks.

Bachelors will definitely choose the masseuse’s departure home. It’s nice after the session to immediately go to take a bath, and not stand idle in traffic jams. The price of an  erotic massage Lviv service will increase exactly by the cost of a taxi in both directions for a girl.

Here are the highlights of the session:

  •  a girl booked in advance will already be waiting for the client by the appointed time;
  • before the massage, the client should take a shower, cleansing the body and relaxing it with hot water;
  •  rubbing the body with oils to reduce friction – the masseuse is completely naked;
  • the body warms up and gradually the intensity of movements increases;
  • body massage the climax of the session: the girl in the upper position begins to massage with her breast, hips, belly;
  • ecstasy is the logical end of the work of a masseuse.

The caress of a young girl will turn her head from the first minutes of her touching you

Erotic massage in the Shevchenko district is notable for its sensuality. Here the girls are already experienced in their field and I know how to find weaknesses in the male character. Regardless of your sexual preferences, masseuses will find out all your secrets.

Additionally, the evening can be diluted with alcoholic drinks, hookahs and games. If desired, several girls will delight the eye of the client with games among themselves. There is time to tune in to the right wave after a hard day. Salon administrators are always ready to listen to the wishes of the client, if they remain adequate. Do not confuse brothels with salon services that inherit the traditions of the east. Erotic massage Lviv is not burdened with sex, which means it allows you to fully experience visual and tactile pleasure – it can be compared with the first kiss or hug with your girlfriend.