Touches to the historical portrait of erotic massage

Исторические штрихи эротического массажа

One can only speculate about the ancient massage techniques, not dream. After all, the human body of the computer age is not familiar with either calloused skin or developed musculature from mammoth hunting. It’s amazing to think about the caresses that stirred up the wild energy hidden beneath bear skins.

In another part of the world, in China and Mongolia, modern archaeologists have found stone probes used for therapeutic purposes. It was believed that a stone left under the soles of the feet would take away muscle pain and relax them before an upcoming battle.

The erotic foundation of massage was probably laid in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians knew about reflexology (massage of the feet and hands). Cleopatra excelled in this. She eagerly explored men’s sexual desires. It was hard to resist the charms of the seductress: erotic massage in Kiev combined with vibrant scents of jasmine, cypress, pistachio, juniper, acacia, cinnamon, mint, henna, as well as wine, honey, resin, and myrrh intoxicated and carried one away to a world of tranquility and harmony.

Greece introduced massage culture to Rome through the Greek physician Asclepius. The servant rubbed his master’s entire body to increase blood flow, enhance sensitivity, and improve joint flexibility. And the oil preserved the skin’s firmness and youth.

India astounded the world with its open eroticism in ancient epics and other artistic-philosophical works. A prominent place in this list is occupied by the “Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana”, teaching the magic of love and ultimate bliss. The practical advice of the famous book largely contains secrets of the art of erotic massage in Kiev. Sensual touches, lovemaking, the technique of sexual intercourse, combined with love emotions and deep spirituality, harmonized the relationship between two lovers.

The Middle Ages, with its iron armor and mail, luxurious room decor, and flirtation of free-spirited maidens, could not but influence the development of massage technique. Different approach, different historical conditions – but the same passion, beauty of feelings, and desire.

Modern man is incredibly lucky – all the secrets of the world heritage in the art of erotic massage in Kiev are revealed to him. It’s enough to have a little patience in mastering the technique and, of course, openness of body and soul to accept tenderness and affection.